Hello!  I’m Julie Chalpan and I want to introduce you to my lifelong friend, Little Fat Rat.  When I was a little girl growing up in a small town in southwestern Michigan, my Grandma used to tell me stories about Little Fat Rat. She was a great storyteller and I could vividly picture Little Fat Rat, his Mom and Dad, and the Talking Flowers. Over the years I’ve thought about him often.


In memory of my Grandma Bonnie, I want to share Little Fat Rat and his adventures with children (and adults) everywhere. Please enjoy these adventures of Little Fat Rat with the people in your life. Our time together with our loved ones is so very special. You can read the books in color flipping through the pages like a book, or print the coloring book format and read the story while also coloring it. There are three books in both formats to read, color and enjoy!  

Click on the books below to read the Adventures of Little Fat Rat online.

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The Story Behind the Story:

I wrote Little Fat Rat Meets the Talking Flowers several years ago and registered the copyright. A friend and former co-worker, Steve Carroll, who is a fabulous artist, brought the characters to life for me in his drawings. I sent the manuscript off to several children’s book publishing houses and either received no reply or a rejection. Not being one to stop there, I asked my husband to create an online coloring storybook website with the book, and so he did.  Little Fat Rat Adopts a Pet and Little Fat Rat Saves the Day were written and added to the website as well, and that all happened around 2000.  I had a great time taking the coloring book pages to children and their families, locally in Atlanta where we lived, and to Michigan, where I grew up. A wonderful client of mine (for my public relations firm) had several apartment complexes, and you would find me volunteering at different locations on Saturdays with groups of children listening to the stories and coloring Little Fat Rat coloring pages. It was a lot of fun!


Fast forward to today, and I am still blessed to run my public relations firm (and still work with that same client, who is one of Little Fat Rat’s biggest fans!). My friend, the artist, now pastors his own church. And my husband and I decided it was time to refresh Little Fat Rat and his friends and re-introduce them to the world. Now with social media, which wasn’t around back then, we are hoping many more people will meet Little Fat Rat.


Please enjoy Little Fat Rat and his stories. There is nothing better than spending time with people you love. Thank you to my Grandma Bonnie for all of her stories and all of her love.  I promise you would have loved her, too.

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Special thanks to my dear Grandma, my whole family, a shout-out to my husband, Keith, for his hard work in creating the website (twice!) and always supporting me in my work and hobbies, and Steve Carroll, who brought Little Fat Rat to life with his drawings.


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